How to Order

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How to Pay

1.Bank Transfer

Korea First Bank
100 Kongpyung-dong, Chongno-gu, Seoul 110-702, Korea
(Telex) K23685 FIRSTBK

ACCOUNT # 441-20-047151 [Attn: ARAM International Inc.]

2. Postal Money order (P.M.O)

Address : 265-11, 2F Hwigyeong-1-dong, Dondaemun-gu, Seoul 130-876 KOREA
Tel : +82 2 745 6117 Fax : +82 2 745 6217

3. Notice

If you would like to make a payment from abroad,please send it by Postarl Money Order(P.M.O) to our office address or make a bank transfer to our bank account stated above. Please make sure that all the bank charges for a transfer or fee at the post office will be at your cost. We reccommend you that the Postarl Money Order(P.M.O) costs you less than bank transfer, however, please make sure to send it to our office address. but not to our bank address.
We cannot take any responsibilities for troubles which may caused by bank or post office.

For questions about how to order from abroad, please call or email.

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